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Our company is a provider of digital LED advertising billboards in many of the best locations in Auckland such as 155 Queen Street, Greenlane, and coming soon to Newmarket and Kingsland. We also supply very high end LED screens (thin and light) at very competitive prices. Based on currently available data, we believe that outdoor Digital Billboards are trending to be as influential as TV or radio commercials.



We supply different LED panels to cater to your environment to ensure quality viewing experiences



Competitive pricing whilst ensuring that we provide quality service to our customers



We maintain a professional and timely service as well as using professional grade monitoring equipment to detect any faults

Primo Advertising Limited (Specialising in Digital Billboards)

Our company is a provider of economical high quality digital LED advertising billboards in many of the best locations in Auckland, such as Queen Street CBD, Greenlane, Kingsland and Newmarket. Our high quality digital billboards can make your brand/company/building stand out from the rest. With a bright, dynamic display, passersby are much more likely to stop and watch the ads which will surely give you a greater number of potential customers. Your businesses can most benefit from digital billboard advertising by having the ads running day and night with a high exposure rate up to 1,080 times per 24 hours and 8 to 10 seconds display times each.

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